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VoiceActivities Bot

Discord is testing and developing many new voice activities, including the well-known YouTube Together, a Watch2Gether alternative. Since these activities are still under development by Discord, very few people have access to them, but this bot allows the curious among you to use all activities without restrictions and play “Fishing” or “Poker Night” with your friends.


Invite VoiceActivities to your Discord server

Let’s start with VoiceActivities!


To start with Voice Activities be sure that the bot has enough permissions, permissions may also have been overwritten in text channels, check this and only then start. Of course the bot also needs all permissions to see the respective voice channels and generate invitelinks.


To use VoiceActivities use the prefix “v!” or simply mention the bot. You can see all important commands and information with the help command (v!help).

Start session

To start a session like YouTube Together use the command v!start name-id.

All Name IDs for insertion

To start “YouTube Together” use “youtube” (v!start youtube)
To start “Poker Night” use “poker” (v!start poker)
To start “” use “betrayal” (v!start betrayal)
To start “Fishing” use “fishing” (v!start fishing)
To start “Chess” use “chess” (v!start chess)

Screenshots of VoiceActivities

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